Warmest Stretch of the Year

morelocal1This week’s forecast is looking to be one of the warmest we have seen in months! High temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will be in the low to md 50s, just a tad below average. However, Wednesday through Saturday will bring us four days in a row in which the Fahrenheit will be at or above 60 degrees! Thursday and Saturday actually have a shot at the upper 60s! We will be dodging a few slight chances for showers as we head thoughout the week, but no wash-outs are expected. Enjoy the warmth!  – Greg


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This post was written by GregBobos on April 7, 2014

We Haven’t Gone Here in a While

We are aiming for back-to-back 60 degree days on Sunday and Monday for the first time since October 30-31st! We were watching horror films, raking leaves and wearing costumes the last time it happened! – GregCapture


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This post was written by GregBobos on March 27, 2014

We Did it Again!

For the second time this week we have made it to the 50 degree mark! Enjoy the afternoon because the rest of this weekend will be on the cooler side. UntitledTwo cold fronts are headed out way, the first will knock us into the 40s tomorrow and the second will drop us into the 30s. Believe it or not, even though we are in tshirts today, we could need the shovels by Sunday morning. Our second cold front has the potential to bring us a dusting to and inch or two of snow Saturday night into Sunday. – Greg


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The Ups & Downs

We are heading into the middle of March and dare I say that it is starting to feel like spring? rollercoasterHigh temps could take us beyond 50 degrees this afternoon which would be the first time this year! Don’t get too used to this mild feeling, because we still have shots of cold air in the forecast and even a chance for snow. We plummet back to the 30s for Wednesday with a few inches of snow accumulation likely Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The good news is that by the end of the week we warm back up. Friday looks to be in the low 50s with wall to wall sunshine. -Greg


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Don’t Get Used to It

It’s about time! CaptureWe are making a run for 40 as we head into the afternoon. It feels like a mini heat wave, but when today is put into perspective, this should be just another ordinary March day. The average high in early March puts us in the low 40s. This is the first of three 40 degree days out of the next seven, but by mid to late week, we are back to cooler weather again. The next two weeks will remain below average.  – Greg


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A Few Days Right Where We Should Be

Average high temps during the first week of March are in the 40 lows, but we haven’t been in that ballpark so far this month. That is about to come to an end as soon as tomorrow. CaptureYour Friday high temperature will crack 40 degrees for the first time this month, and for the first time out of 3 that we will see in the next 7 days!  The other two will take place on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Enjoy the brief warmth while you can, because signs point to another cool down mid to late next week. – Greg


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Brief Relief (Return to Snow)

What a difference a week can make! Our temperatures are holding steady in the 30s, and if we see enough sunshine those could push to 40 in most areas! Lsat week at this exact time we were dealing we wind chills in the negative 40s. If you do the math, yes we FEEL roughly 70-80 degrees warmer today than we did a week ago. This is only a temporary break from winter though. snowwwfall Snow returns to the forecast as soon as tonight. The first flakes will start mainly after midnight and linger into tomorrow. When all is said and done, Rockford will see 1-2″ with just over 3″ possible for Southern Wisconsin. On the back side of the clipper system that will bring the snow, temperatures will remain in the teens for highs on Wednesday. Enjoy today while it lasts! – Greg


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So Much Warmer!

Monday morning we were dealt a frigid card with wind chills that dropped as low as -48°. This morning, just 4 days later, we have temperatures pushing near 30 degrees. coleslaw2When you do the math, it feels roughly 70 degrees warmer this morning than it did on Monday morning! The 30s will stick around for the next 5 days with no subzero temperatures overnight. Enjoy! – Greg


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High and Dry

If you woke up this morning and didn’t know the date, you would never guess that we are heading into the middle of October, would you? We are once again seeing high temperatures well above average. The high on this date should clock in at 66°, however, we are likely to jump close to 10 degrees warmer than that. Low to middle 70s can be expected through the end of the week. 1The other feature that isn’t going away anytime soon is the amount of sunshine we will get. Today will remain crystal clear, and though a few clouds will creep in the next several days, the big change won’t come until the weekend when a cold front arrives and brings with it the chance for rain. We can thank high pressure for keeping the clouds away, and the jetstream for keeping the cool air trapped our northwest. – Greg2


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Strong storm system will bring an end to our summer weather

1Tuesday brought temperatures in the middle 80s to Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Paired with sunshine, it’s hard to beat this weather…especially considering our next 80 degree temperatures are likely more than six months away! We’ll still be very nice heading into Wednesday with highs in the lower 80s. Thursday and Friday’s upper 70s are still well above the seasonal norm of 69 degrees.

This is the weather map for Sunday though. Get ready for a significant chill! 2Temperatures won’t likely get above 55 degrees Sunday afternoon, even with a fair amount of sunshine! The Dakotas will stay in the 40s during the daytime! Believe it or not, this is closer to normal than the 80s we had on Tuesday. But as things change, we could get quite a bit of rainfall, and possible thunderstorms.

As low pressure ejects out of the Rockies, it will deepen. The track takes the low from Colorado toward Minnesota, putting us solidly in the warm sector. A broad southerly wind will pump in ample moisture from the Gulf of Mexico with dewpoints expected to surge into at least the middle 60s for our area. 3Depending on the timing of the cold front, we could be in a risk area for possible severe thunderstorms on Friday. However, the way things look right now, the higher threat will remain across Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Friday Night Football could be in jeopardy once again with a decent chance of lightning. Greg, Joe, and I will keep you updated right here over the next few days. -Eric

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