Kam’s 9 Month Birthday

It was such a big weekend for the “Nilsson” household. Kamden turned nine months old Saturday and Kyle celebrated his first real Father’s Day Sunday.  In case I haven’t done a good enough job bragging, Kam is crawling or perhaps we should develop a new word that’s a mixture of being on all fours and sprinting.  Seriously, I can’t turn my back for one second, or he’s off getting in to trouble.  He’s also not really “into” his toys anymore.  Gone are the days of hanging out on the floor in his room, we’ve moved on to Mom chasing the little man around the house as he explores plug ins(yikes), and tries to pull himself up on the fireplace(double-yikes!).  He’s also very much in love with the vacuum cleaner!  Loves to chase it around the house.

Kam and his “favorite toy”.


I am a nervous nelly trying to make sure he doesn’t get hurt, it’s exhausting!!!  Don’t get me wrong, it is really fun and amazing to watch him explore, but you don’t realize how dangerous the things in your house can be, until you have a baby trying to pull everything over onto himself!

We all had such a great time on Father’s Day.  We took our boat out on the Rock River, which was a first for us this season and a first for Kamden, ever!  He went out on a tiny boat ride a while ago, but it was cold, and nothing like it was over the weekend.  Kyle and I kept him in a life jacket whenever we were moving.  He was also slathered in 50SPF sunscreen so he wouldn’t get burned.  He’s got no fear of the water, when we stopped, he loved sitting near the shore and playing in and yes, even eating the sand.  I thought it fitting to post this picture of my Main Man and our Little Man for Father’s Day. Kyle is the best Dad! Kam loves him so.

Main Man & Little Man

We take Kam to the doctor for his nine month appointment on Wednesday, and I can’t wait.  There are some questions I have to ask the pediatrician.  Is it “normal” for babies to pull themselves up and stand on their tip-toes?  I’ve been told that can be a sign that something is wrong, developmentally.  He seems fine, so I guess we’ll just have to see.  Also, it looks like he might be just starting to get his first tooth.  Is that normal?  Are we feeding him enough or too much or at the right times?  I know, I always worry, worry, worry… I’ll post updates after the appointment.

Kam is 9 months!

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This post was written by knilsson on June 18, 2012

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  1. mom June 19, 2012 12:49 am

    Hey Katie, you always walked around when you were his age on your tip toes. I believe you grew up okay 🙂

  2. SAHMinIL July 3, 2012 12:08 am

    It is normal for babies to be on their toes, it’s when they don’t stop and it becomes norm that there is an issue. My son, 11, had to have surgery to correct toe-walking when he was 8. We were told we shouldn’t have let it go so long!! It’s when they are closer to two years of age an that doesn’t stop there is an issue.

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