Kam’s 9 Month Birthday

It was such a big weekend for the “Nilsson” household. Kamden turned nine months old Saturday and Kyle celebrated his first real Father’s Day Sunday.  In case I haven’t done a good enough job bragging, Kam is crawling or perhaps we should develop a new word that’s a mixture of being on all fours and sprinting.  Seriously, I can’t turn my back for one second, or he’s off getting in to trouble.  He’s also not really “into” his toys anymore.  Gone are the days of hanging out on the floor in his room, we’ve moved on to Mom chasing the little man around the house as he explores plug ins(yikes), and tries to pull himself up on the fireplace(double-yikes!).  He’s also very much in love with the vacuum cleaner!  Loves to chase it around the house.

Kam and his “favorite toy”.


I am a nervous nelly trying to make sure he doesn’t get hurt, it’s exhausting!!!  Don’t get me wrong, it is really fun and amazing to watch him explore, but you don’t realize how dangerous the things in your house can be, until you have a baby trying to pull everything over onto himself!

We all had such a great time on Father’s Day.  We took our boat out on the Rock River, which was a first for us this season and a first for Kamden, ever!  He went out on a tiny boat ride a while ago, but it was cold, and nothing like it was over the weekend.  Kyle and I kept him in a life jacket whenever we were moving.  He was also slathered in 50SPF sunscreen so he wouldn’t get burned.  He’s got no fear of the water, when we stopped, he loved sitting near the shore and playing in and yes, even eating the sand.  I thought it fitting to post this picture of my Main Man and our Little Man for Father’s Day. Kyle is the best Dad! Kam loves him so.

Main Man & Little Man

We take Kam to the doctor for his nine month appointment on Wednesday, and I can’t wait.  There are some questions I have to ask the pediatrician.  Is it “normal” for babies to pull themselves up and stand on their tip-toes?  I’ve been told that can be a sign that something is wrong, developmentally.  He seems fine, so I guess we’ll just have to see.  Also, it looks like he might be just starting to get his first tooth.  Is that normal?  Are we feeding him enough or too much or at the right times?  I know, I always worry, worry, worry… I’ll post updates after the appointment.

Kam is 9 months!

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This post was written by knilsson on June 18, 2012

Eight Months Gone

By Katie Nilsson

We’re celebrating Kamden’s 8 month birthday today, with so much to report! He’s changed so much in such a short period of time. 

Kam at 8 Months

He’s now crawling, backwards.  He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of going forward yet, but he’s so so close.  He does a lot of “scooting”, and he gets around pretty good.  Kam loves to stand up and try to walk, and he may just grow up to be a professional singer, his voice is amazing, at least to me it is!  He’s made it through the short list of veggies, and so far it doesn’t look like he has any allergies.  Kam hates zucchini and asparagus.  I can’t wait to give him fruits, so we can really start mixing things up!  I’ve only been feeding him Level 1 baby food, and stuff I make at home.  I’m not sure when to move up to Level 2.  I did give him a tiny taste of Stockholm’s famous Swedish Pancakes one weekend.  Judging from the look on his face, it was love at first bite! 

While every day is a blessing with Kamden, this age is so far, the most entertaining.  It’s so much fun to watch him learn about new things, and try to do things on his own. It’s also very scary.  You can’t leave him alone, with anything even remotely dangerous, even for one second. Lesson learned the other day, when we had our first real “accident”.  My “Little Man” is a tough cookie though, he fell and bumped his head, but only cried for a few seconds.  Unfortunately, I’ve been told with boys, it won’t be the last scary moment for me, or the last bruise for Kam.

1st Official Mother's Day

I had a wonderful first “Official” Mother’s Day, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend it than with family.  Out of all the toys we have for Kam, his favorite one seemed to be a stick we found in the backyard!

We also finally had Kam baptized!  He did such a good job during the ceremony.  When our Pastor started pouring the water he eventually poured over Kam’s head, I think “Little Man” thought it was bath time!

Kam's Baptism

Kam still doesn’t have any teeth, wonder when those will start coming in?  He’s been sleeping good, eating good, and playing really good.  We are very blessed to have him in our lives.

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This post was written by knilsson on May 16, 2012

Seven months and sassy!

By Katie Nilsson

Kamden is seven months already, and he’s turning into a real “little man” right before my eyes.  This is such a fun age for me, because he is developing his own personality.  He’s finding his “favorites” which includes food, toys, pets etc.  He LOVES our dog Teddy, and smiles at him all the time.  Teddy is pretty good with Kam, I think he’s ready to really rough-house with him “boy-style”.  I just know they’ll be best of friends. 

Happy "Little Man"

We’re plowing through the veggies like it’s nobody’s business.  Kam has liked almost everything so far, except he won’t eat asparagus.  He tolerates spinach & potatoes, but his favorites are carrots and squash.  I’m sure he’ll really dig sweet potatoes too, I think we’ll give those to him last. 

"I'm outta here!"


He’s starting to act like he wants to get around on his own.  I wouldn’t say he’s crawling, but definitely “scooting”.   He really likes to stand, with our kelp of course, but I makes me think he’s going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. It’s just amazing to think how much he’s grown and developed in the last 7 months.  Kyle and I can’t imagine out lives without him.  Kyle took Kam on his first boat-ride over the past weekend. I’m not sure he really knew what to make of the adventure.  I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thrilled with the lift jacket, but Mom sure was!!!

1st Boat Ride

Kam still doesn’t have any teeth, we’re wondering where the heck those buggers are since he’s been drooling like crazy pretty much since he was born.  Plus, he’s started “chewing”, so, where are they?  We’re also still working on the hair, what do you think, will Kam be a blondie, or a brownie, or do you think maybe red?  I just hope he’s gets something!  I’m dying to try out the fro-hawk!

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This post was written by knilsson on April 24, 2012

So worried about feedings…

Happy Little ManKamden is loving veggies, so far. We’ve only given him green beans and peas, but he gobbles them up like he’s been eating them since birth. My pediatrician told us not to give him any fruits until he’s 9 months old, so I’m trying to be creative. I’m giving him some store bought baby food, I’m also making him other goodies that you can’t find in stores to make sure he gets a variety. I took Kam to see the Easter Bunny this weekend at the Mall, and we didn’t have the best experience. The Bunny himself was great, but the woman assisting him, trying to get Kam to smile wasn’t so nice. She kept talking about how “fat” Kam is, she just wouldn’t let it go. I already wonder if my “little man” is too round, and hearing others say how chubby he is makes me more self conscious. According to our doctor, Kam is a perfectly healthy little boy. He’s not too big, or too small. He’s wearing mostly age-appropriate clothes, but as we moms know, not all brands fit the same! I don’t know why I feel like I have to defend him! He’s eating great, and sleeping great and he’s even starting to “scoot” around acting like he’s going to crawl. I know he’s got chubby little cheeks, I love to kiss them all the time! The obvious doesn’t need to be pointed out to me. Does or did anyone else feel this way about their babies? On the eating front, I’m only doing rice cereal in the morning and veggies at night. Once he reaches 7 months I’m going to add a veggie serving to his lunch. Should I be feeding him the same amount of formula? I don’t want to overfeed him. He still eats about 6 ounces every 3 or 4 hours. Is that normal and am I doing this right? I feel like I’m super paranoid and not getting much direction on how much he should be eating and when.

Kam has started babbling and loves toys that light up and talk or sing. Mom, and I think Dad too, are sick of hearing the same songs-and-dances over and over again, but we keep playing them because he loves them! I think he’s going to say “I love you” soon! He hears it enough! All the “experts” say repetition is key.

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This post was written by knilsson on April 3, 2012

This post is not for those of you with a weak stomach!

If you get grossed out easily, you’d better stop reading!

Ever since we’ve been giving Kamden rice cereal, he’s started spitting up more. It’s not a lot, and it usually happens when he burps. It’s not routine, so there’s no telling when it’ll happen. The other day, we were playing in his room. I love trying to make him laugh, and for the most part he’s a happy baby so it’s not that hard to do. I was playing with his toys, and trying to switch things up, so I laid on the floor, and held him over me, sort of like playing airplane.  He loved it and was laughing quite a bit, when out of nowhere, he spit up!  Luckily I was able to move my head fast enough, he almost spit up in my mouth.  Thank god it just got on the side of my face and in my ear! It cracks me up just thinking about it, and I can’t wait to tell him that story when he gets older. It really is hard to believe he’s going to be six months this week!

Kam's close up

We already got his pictures taken, and I must say, the kid is after my own heart and seems to be quite taken with the mall. I’m told to enjoy that he likes shopping now, because it won’t likely last long.  We are all digging this warm weather!  We went on a couple of walks last weekend.

Kam's ride


I’m still trying to get him to say “Mama” or “Daddy”, but so far he just babbles a string of things I can’t quite understand. His voice has gotten so much louder now as he’s getting older and I think he likes singing!!!  He also now loves standing up(with our help of course) and reading the newspaper? 

Kam loves the news!

Kam’s six month doctor’s appointment is next week, and I’m guessing they’ll tell me to start him on real food. I’m already nervous and worried, so any words of advice would be appreciated!

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This post was written by knilsson on March 13, 2012

Kam is almost ready for real food!


 So many things are changing everyday with Kamden, it’s hard for me to keep track.  He can sit up almost on his own, and he’s doing incredibly well with his rice cereal.  I called our pediatrician’s office last week to see if we should start Kamden on real foods, they advised that we wait until he’s at least 6 months old.   The countdown is ON!  We were feeding him in a Bumbo baby seat, but Kam’s little legs are so chubby, they’d get stuck in the seat.  I don’t think he was very comfy in there, so over the weekend, Kyle and I bit the bullet and got him a “big boy” high chair!

Kam in his new high chair

So far, so good! He doesn’t mind going in there to sit up and eat his rice cereal.  Hope we’ll have the same luck when we introduce his veggies! I feel like I’m over-concerned with his eating and whether he’s on schedule.  Part of it, I think, comes from the fact that he’s a “healthy”(and by healthy I mean chunky) baby boy.

One of Kam's favorite toys!

I’m worried I’m over-feeding him, but sometimes, after he finishes his 6 ounce bottle, he cries for more food. I never know if I should keep giving him more, or try to hold him off.  I’m also worried about starting him on “real” food, because I have no idea how much, how often, and what foods to give him! We haven’t decided if we’re going to make all his food, or just buy baby food. I know I over-analyze, but what new mom hasn’t? I’m also thinking Kam will get a couple of teeth soon, he puts everything in his “kisser”. The drooling has slowed itself down a little bit too, which is good! He’s laughing, crying, trying to talk, and loves when I read him stories at night. We couldn’t be more blessed. If anyone has experience or advice about feeding, please let me know!

Heading to Grandma's House

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This post was written by knilsson on February 28, 2012

Such a big boy now!


 By Katie Nilsson

Even though people told me time would go so fast, it’s still hard to believe Kam is almost 5 months old already! It’s also so hard to believe how fast and much he’s grown!  I got teary over the weekend, packing away his clothes that don’t fit anymore.  It seems like yesterday that I was putting them away thinking, when will he ever fit into these?!?

My “little man” is not-so-little anymore, and everyday he’s doing so much that amazes me!  We’ve finally been able to hear him laugh, and we’ve seen him roll over(although not consistently).  He’s also gotten so much more vocal about things and he’s figured out how to let out these new screams, not becasue he’s mad, just because he can! It makes me laugh, even though I know I probably shouldn’t.  I gave Kam rice cereal for the first time the other night, and I must say, he got more on his clothes, and mine, than what went in his mouth! He really hated it, or I thought he did….

Not lovin' the rice cereal!


Last night was a little more successful. We tried putting him in a different chair, and he seemed more comfortable and excited to eat. Maybe that’s the trick, maybe not guess we’ll see.


We’ve also started the search for baby sitters. It’s a lot tougher than I thought. I’m having a hard time feeling comfortable with a stranger watching him. After several interviews this past weekend, I found two girls I love, but their availability is very limited.  I’d like to have a list of at least 3 maybe 4 we can call if we need to.  We’ll keep interviewing until we find someone. 

Mom & Little Man

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This post was written by knilsson on February 6, 2012

My little piggy!

Time flies, I can’t believe Kam is 4 months old already! We just had his check-up this week and everything’s going well with him. The doctor always asks us if we’re doing “tummy-time”, and we try, we really really do, but Kam isn’t a big fan.  He’ll only last a few minutes, then he gets frustrated and starts crying.

The doctor told us to keep working on it with him, because eventually he’ll get mad enough to roll over. Should I be worried that he hasn’t done that yet? I’m starting to become obsessive about it. He makes no effort to roll from his back to his stomach. In fact, he LOVES being on his back and is usually a super happy baby when he’s laying down. When we put him on his stomach, he moves around a lot, but doesn’t push with his arms to try to roll. Any tips to make this happen?



The doctor also told us we could start feeding Kam rice cereal a couple of times a day if we want to. I was pretty surprised, becasue most of what I’ve read says babies under 6 months shouldn’t be given anything but breastmilk or formula. So I guess I could use some advice with this one too.  How do we go about doing that? And how much? Is the purpose to teach him how to swallow and eat from a spoon now, so he’ll be ready when he turns 6 months? Other than that, he’s in the 50th percentile for height and 75th for weight(chunker:)!

The doctor says he’ll likely level off on weight now, becuase he’ll be getting more active. But check out those cheeks!!  I can’t stop kissing them!  I love hearing him try to talk and laugh!  He’s really getting a personality now.

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This post was written by knilsson on January 18, 2012

New year, new role, new hours….


I’m happy to say, Kyle and I had a wonderful first Christmas with our little Kamden. We’re looking forward to the future, when he will remember them and understand what’s going on. He was a trooper, and did pretty well seeing all of his relatives on both sides of Kyle’s family. I am pretty proud of the little guy, and he loves all of his gifts!


Kam's 1st Christmas


We’re already into the new year and as we said good-bye to 2011, I made a couple of resolutions for 2012.    One, of course, is to get my pre-baby body back.  Another is to try to be more patient with those around me.  But my biggest resolution, is to make my family, my most important priority.   I’m happy to say I’m lucky enough to work at a station that understands that priority.  Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been anchoring the 10:00pm news since the beginning of the year.   It’s because I’ve moved into a new role here at WREX.   I have taken on a more behind-the-scenes role of content manager during the day.  Which means I set up the stories you see on the air during the newscasts.  I’ll also keep co-anchoring the 5 & 6 shows with Eric Wilson.  The move allows me to have more of a supervisory role at the station and keep doing what I love but, I’ll be able to be at home with my family at night.  I’ve been doing it for the past week now, and have to say I love being at home in time to put Kamden to bed! 

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This post was written by knilsson on January 9, 2012

Kam’s doing so much better!

By Katie Nilsson

I was wondering how things would work, with me being back at work, and surprisingly they just do!  While there’s a lot of stuff to juggle and bags to pack before we leave the house everyday, Kam seems to love spending the afternoons with Grandma, and the evenings with his Daddy. 

If you remember, I told you at Kam’s two month doctor’s appointment that he wasn’t getting enough to eat from me.  We’ve been supplementing formula ever since and I’m happy to report that our not-so-little-man gained almost four pounds in about four weeks!  Check out our little budda-belly!

Chunky Monkey!


He’s also a ton less fussy, and we’re starting to see more of his little personality, which is amazing!  Not only is he smiling more often…

My Happy Little Man!

But he’s also sleeping so much better than he was when I was just breastfeeding alone.  When I was first told that I wasn’t producing enough milk for him, I was devastated!  I felt like such a failure.  Seeing how much better Kam has been doing since we started supplementing has made most of those feelings disappear!  He weighted in at 13 pounds 1 ounce at the doctor on Monday.  That’s closer to where he should be for his age.  I can’t believe he’s three months old already, but it’s so much fun to watch him grow.  He’s obsessed with his hands and I think Kamden is going to be a talker!  We’re so looking forward to his very first Christmas.   He even got a letter from Santa!  We hope everyone out there has a very Merry Christmas, Kyle and I know we’re so lucky to have been blessed with the best gift, our son!

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This post was written by knilsson on December 21, 2011