Travel Delays

While the beginning of December came in on a snowy and cold note, the end of the month will be much different…wet and very mild!

The past major storm systems we’ve had move through have come from the Pacific Northwest which means they don’t have many ties to the cold, arctic air….unless you’re in the Plains and Rockies. The current system now moving through the south will move closer to the Stateline through the end of the weekend. Cold air has been moving in behind it and once again caused headaches for folks living in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska. While they saw blizzard conditions, we will be seeing rain. However, if your holiday plans take you into Wisconsin, Minnesota, or the Dakota’s through Sunday you will more than likely run into some travel problems. Snow and possibly blowing snow will be flying through the Dakota’s and Minnesota while rain will be falling here. So if you have any big New Year’s plans, just make sure that pay extra attention while behind the wheel.


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This post was written by qni_it on December 31, 2006

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