Frigid Super Bowl Weekend

There’s no doubt that most Rockfordians have been a little colder since this past weekend. Temperatures have been near zero during the mornings with highs around 20°. The cold river of air continues to flow overhead, straight out of Canada. However, by this weekend, things will be even colder. In fact, double-digit temperatures may be a rare sight by this weekend for much of the Upper Midwest.

This brand of cold air is nearly as cold as we were all last year! In fact, last winter’s coldest shot of air came for one day…February 18th, 2006 when the mercury only rose to 3°. The thing that makes the cold bad for this upcoming weekend is the fact that it will last for days! It doesn’t appear to warm up until at least Thursday February 9th! -ERIC


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This post was written by qni_it on January 30, 2007

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