Heavyweight Bout

We are inbetween rounds of a heavyweight bout right now. In Round 1, Mother Nature tried to knock us out with a messy situation that took place this past weekend. Right now we are sitting in our corner on the stool catching our breath and resting our body from the back-breaking shoveling. The bell for Round 2 will ring Wednesday night when the next potent weathermaker rolls in.

Now to the weather jargon. The jet stream is slightly ridging overhead today which will bring in some slightly drier air and allow us to drop any precipitation from the forecast for this Tuesday. As you can see across the Pacific northwest another storm system is already brewing. This storm is moving rapidly at this point and should start to draw some showers into our area by Wednesday night. At the onset, we will be hovering right along the freezing line creating a mixed bag of precipiptation. By Thursday, southeasterly winds should allow for some strong warm air advection, which will warm the atmosphere significantly. This should change any mixed precipitation into all rain for the first day of March. By Friday, there will be enough wrap around moisture to bring some snowflakes to the Stateline. By that time most of the energy from this storm should have passed, meaning snowfall totals will be fairly light. -ADAM


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This post was written by qni_it on February 27, 2007

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