Watching the Storms

With a storm system along the Nebraska/Iowa border, strong storms have been firing up in eastern Nebraska and central Iowa.

While we are on the north side of the warm front, places to the south and southwest have seen temperatures in the lower 70s.

There is a lot of rotation in the lower levels of the atmosphere because winds south of the front are coming in straight from the south, winds north of the front are from the east and winds behind the system are from the northwest. So that creates a lot of spin, especially closer to the area of low pressure, which is favorable for supercell thunderstorms to develop and possibly produce tornadoes. Also, some areas in southern Iowa have had a little more sunshine so that has helped to create more instability. So through the rest of this afternoon, the greatest threat for severe weather stretches from southern Iowa, western Illinois and northern Missouri. As we go into the evening, that threat could shift to the east.


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This post was written by qni_it on March 31, 2007

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