Beginning of the "2007 Drought?"

Meteorologist Candice King went through mounds of climate records today to uncover some data suggesting we may be headed for drought. As we look back to the start of the 2007 growing season (roughly April 15), Rockford has seen only 1.75″ of rainfall. Look at how that compares to other cities in the area. While every one of the cities that we analyzed is running a deficit, none are nearly as big as Rockford’s. As of today, it would take over four inches of rainfall to bring us up to average!

So, does this mean we’ll have a hot, dry summer? In two words: most likely. One of the things that fuels storms in this part of the country during the summer months is the evapotranspiration (or amount of moisture that plants give to the atmosphere). If our soils remain very dry, the vegetation will have less moisture to add to the atmosphere, and in turn will mean less rainfall can be expected. Lack of rainfall perpetuates itself during the summer and unless we turn this weather pattern around within the next two or three weeks, there will be little hope to see an end to our drying conditions. -ERIC


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This post was written by qni_it on May 30, 2007

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