Chance of Rain… (Weak Chances)

It would take approximately 3 inches of rain on this Thursday, for our rainfall totals for the month of May to merely break even. Obviously, that is not going to happen, but it just shows how dry we have been during what is typically one of the wettest months of the year.

We will have a couple of chances for rain over the next 4 days, but the chances are fairly weak. The reason lies in the setup across the upper Midwest. We have a cut-off area of low pressure spinning over the Dakotas this morning. It has stalled out and will be moving incredibly slow. This rainmaker continue to ignite showers and storms over the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. The storms then start to track off to the northeast. The farther the storms get from the core area of low pressure the weaker they become. By the time the rain crosses the Mississippi River, the majority of the energy has been lost and we are left with just a few raindrops. -ADAM


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This post was written by qni_it on May 31, 2007

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