Storms popping up now

A mid-level “cap” of warm air has protected us from storms for much of the day. However within the past few hours the heating has busted that cap of protection. Here is a 3D view of the first showers that broke the cap. Notice how they are tilted to the northeast. That shows the wind shear that exists in our atmosphere right now. These cumulus clouds can’t form straight up…the upper-level winds are so strong that the tops are blown off.

A tornado threat will continue with the strongest storms through nightfall. Here is a great doppler radar courtesy of Weather Underground. I love using it because you can put storm tracks on and also click on severe weather warnings. -ERIC


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This post was written by qni_it on June 7, 2007

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  1. Justin June 7, 2007 10:15 PM

    So would this be considered a derecho? I havent heard that word in quite a while, but wouldn’t a serial derecho be pretty much a squall line thats really long?

  2. Alex June 7, 2007 10:47 PM

    justin. be careful at practice! i DO NOT want to have to come to your funeral. And be sure to take lots of pictures. I swear… we are going to be storm chasers…. lol

    ERIC!! I totally think you are doing an awesome job. Its kinda like getting it raw from NOAA. The info isnt being filtered to what sounds pretty =]

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