A Damp & Dreary Day

The month of September has been so dry that it is a actually a welcome sight to see the radar scans lighting up a bit today. Showers and storms will continue intermittently through sunset tonight. That is when I expect the wet weather to taper off. A slight risk of severe weather exists for our friends southeast of Winnebago County, but for our viewing area we should just be sticking with some general rainfall this afternoon. Take a look at the Microcast image to the right. You can easily determine where the thunderstorms will form and where the showers will form. Thunderstorm activity can produce downpours in short periods of time, while showers must occur for many consecutive hours to reach the same rainfall totals. Needless to say, the soggiest areas on this Tuesday will be over eastern Illinois, northern Indiana, and southern Michigan. -ADAM


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This post was written by qni_it on September 25, 2007

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