Next Frontal Passage

The next frontal boundary set to cross the Stateline should be moving through around lunchtime on Halloween. Typically when a cold front moves through, rain can be expected. This might not be the case on Wednesday. The reasoning is that the Gulf of Mexico moisture will be locked up and this storm system won’t have any fuel (moisture) to work with. A few spots in Wisconsin might see some light showers, but for the most part this change in air masses will occur with very few fireworks. We may see a slight increase in cloud cover, but at worst I would still call it partly sunny. On the other hand, I will still go out on a sturdy limb and predict a high probability of ghosts and goblins during the evening hours Wednesday night! -ADAM


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This post was written by qni_it on October 29, 2007

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  1. Anonymous October 29, 2007 5:53 PM

    We’re having pretty brisk winds this afternoon (Monday 10/29) with some hefty gusts (est 35 mph) up here in Southern WI.

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