Great American Backyard Campout

The National Wildlife Federation’s annual Great American Backyard Campout is this Saturday, June 28th! It doesn’t matter if you camp in your own yard, at a community campsite, or out in the wilderness, getting outside and unplugged is a great way to connect with nature. Help spread the word and share these camping tips in your forecast!
Great American Backyard Campout

#1. Decide Where You’re Camping

You can go on a traditional camping trip or simply sleep out in your own backyard. You can find a campsite in your area from ReserveAmerica or join a local camping group. With gas prices being what they are, camping in your yard is a great way to have a stay-at-home vacation.

#2 Know What You’re Packin’:
First things first, it helps to have a thorough supply list for your campout. Don’t forget to include items like your sun glasses, sunscreen and bug spray! (If you are a beginning camper, check out this list of everything you’ll need.)

#3. Always Remember First Aid!
Safety is always important, and so is making sure you have a handy first aid kit. Once you create a first aid kit that includes all the essentials, you can take it with you and hopefully never use it.

#4 Be Extra Safe With Fire.
It’s easy to get careless with fire. Here are some safe campfire tips to keep in mind.

#5 Camp-Friendly Recipes: Everything From Sloppy Joes to Cornbread.
Just because you’re not cooking in your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious food. Here are some great camping recipes that also include some awesome pie iron tips. It doesn’t matter if your cooking over a campfire or just your backyard grill, these recipes are sure to please.

#6 Observe Your “Neighbors”
NWF encourages people to learn about their natural surroundings and that includes your backyard or nearby park. Using great sites like Wildlife Watch and Night Watch, you can observe wildlife in a number of ways! Download wildlife lists and keep an eye, ear and nose out for fun things to spot.

#7 Camping Games and Activities:
If you’re camping with kids, check out these crafts and campfire games. And don’t forget to sing along to these fine camping songs!

The Great American Backyard Campout is this Saturday,June 28th. Campers can check out our special Campout t-shirts to commemorate the event. NWF encourages people to camp throughout the summer and connect with our wonderful surroundings.


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This post was written by qni_it on June 27, 2008

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  1. Candice H June 27, 2008 9:07 PM

    Eric- I haven’t told you yet- Congrats on your award! You are so awesome!!!!!!

  2. Ike June 28, 2008 12:47 AM

    It’s nice to connected with the wildlife… nature, we keep ourselves way to busy in the house, now if I could just have someone that would go with me it would be perfect lol

  3. Eric Sorensen June 28, 2008 12:58 AM

    yeah, i need to spend more time outside. hate the skeeters these days tho! >:(

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