Red Cross says you should stay in your car during tornado

A recent publication by the American Red Cross now advocates staying in your car if a tornado is approaching. Honestly, I am not making this stuff up. The image to the left is an excerpt that says to stay indoors with your seat belt on and engine running.

I have been a Meteorologist for eleven years so I hope you value my professional opinion. This advice has got to be some of the most idiotic I have ever heard!

If you want to be devil’s advocate and entertain the idea that vehicles are safe during tornadoes, consider the pictures at the bottom of this post.

The reason why the Red Cross adopted this stance was based on one abstract in the journal of the American Meteorological Society. You can read that by clicking here.

Either later tonight or on Friday I would like to talk about some of your comments on 13News. Please comment with your opinions.

Thank you! -ES

p.s. Am I getting fired up with things lately or what? 😉mb990124mooretl04


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Quick diagnosis…

…for those who are just worked up over this talk of Swine Flu:

If you are worked up with real symptoms of the flu, click here:


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Occasionally I peruse national media bulletin boards online. I have an odd interest in knowing what other people think about different subjects. However when it comes to climate change I am shocked at how many broadcast Meteorologists deny that it is even happening at all!

Here are some quotes that appeared there recently:

“It’s a cycle dating back thousands of years according to archaeologists. You can’t stop a cycle.”

I want to know how the cycle started and if we (humans) are pedaling the bike.

“Global warming is a Anti-Christian belief and not even science can support it….It’s obvious some people will not change their mind on if it’s real or not, so maybe those people will at least adopt the belief that “it’s real, but we can’t do anything about it”…I have no problem with them believing that if they want to, but I don’t want them wasting my tax dollars on something so foolish.”

I’ve never in all my days heard an argument that if you believe in climate change you can’t believe in God.

“Thank you Dr. Hedi!!!! So please revoke all the AMS seals of people who disagree with GW Further more…It’s quite interesting that most met. professors will tell you there is NOT enough evidence for either side to make a solid conclusion in either direction. BUT they do not speak out against it for fear of losing grants for research which are so hard to come by. If they don’t say anything the grant money keeps coming in and they can spread it around to other side projects that are more benefitial to meteorology and the public like increasing warning times for tornadoes. BTW have you actually taken any atmospheric physics and chemistry courses and received your meteorology degree so that YOU can actually understand the true science and equations which are presented. Or are you being spoon feed what the panel tells you and take it as gospel?”

Referring to Dr. Heidi Cullen, formerly of The Weather Channel. For the record, I don’t know what professors this person is referring to…there are no names to back up the statement.

“The IPCC is a peer reviewed body. But most of the peers have nothing to do with climate or any science at all. The final reports from the IPCC (they number 4 I think) were edited and composed by economic/political wonks with economic and politcal agendas. They took the independent works of scientists and carefully culled from that what was needed to create a crisis. Because of that twisted practice, many scientists either removed their names from those reports or themselves from further work under the quise of IPCC.”

The IPCC is edited by political wonks? Where’s the proof on that?

“There are as many or more peer reviewed papers than not that view climate change for the meandering cycle that it is, and not the hysterical anthropogenic pimp that the media and political *expletives* want you to buy.”

Where are they?

This is the precise reason we are going to tackle the issue of climate change on our blog. There is so much blabber out there that is not backed up by science. Anyone with any information from a non-political, scientific body that can prove to me that global warming isn’t occurring please send it to me by clicking on my E-Mail link. And, thank you in advance! -ES


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Al Roker to host “Wake Up with Al” mornings on The Weather Channel

ATLANTA, APRIL 29, 2009 Al Roker, widely recognized as America’s favorite weatherman, has been named host of Wake Up With Al, a new weekday morning program on The Weather Channel. Roker will join The Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams, who will serve as his co-host. The announcement was made today by Lisa Gersh, interim CEO of The Weather Channel. The one-hour program will air weekdays from 6-7 a.m. ET and premiere this summer.

“Simply put – Al Roker is synonymous with weather. He has an energy and a style that jumps off the screen, and we already know that people want to wake up with him in the morning,” said Gersh. “We have spent months coming up with the right way to integrate Al into the Weather Channel’s programming, and I think, alongside Stephanie, we’ve come up with the perfect formula with this announcement.”

Wake Up with Al will explore all aspects of the day’s weather, combining Roker’s warm style with the accuracy, dependability and expertise of The Weather Channel. He will appear both in the studio, interacting with guests and viewers, and in the field, reporting on the most compelling weather stories of the day.

“Over the years, I have been out covering the same snowstorms, hurricanes and tornado aftermath as the folks at the Weather Channel. It is really exciting to be working on The Weather Channel, bringing the best weather information to people as they start their day,” said Roker. “And now I get free baseball caps and fleeces from two of the best information networks in the world.”

Wake Up With Al will air live from both New York City and Atlanta. Abrams will report from Atlanta from the state-of-the-art TWC HD studio, equipped with a 37-foot wide video screen and true HD weather graphics that have revolutionized TV weather presentation. An experienced meteorologist and host, she has covered first hand the most significant storms of the last decade. That experience along with her boundless enthusiasm for weather and the science behind it make her the perfect partner for Roker.

Roker has been the weather and feature reporter on NBC News’ Today since January 1996. Until January of 2000, he also served as the weekday weather forecaster for News Channel 4’s early evening newscast Live at 5 on WNBC-TV, NBC’s flagship owned and operated station in New York City. Prior to joining WNBC, Roker worked as a weatherman for more than seven years. He is a recipient of the American Meteorological Society’s prestigious Seal of Approval and has been a pioneer in the use of computer graphics for weathercasting.

Roker has reported live for “Today” throughout the years from some of history’s worst storms including most recently when Hurricane Wilma threatened the Florida coast during one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. The seven time Emmy Award winner is a member of several professional organizations including the Friars Club, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Meteorological Society.


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WREX-TV Facebook Page

logo_facebook1I hope you’ve become friends with the weather team on FB by now. If you haven’t, you better or our feelings will get hurt. Click on the link to the right to get on it.

But that’s not the reason I’m blogging this afternoon. Just today FB gave birth to the official WREX-TV page! When you’re logged into FB just do a search for WREX-TV and it should come up. In this digital age we’re looking to connect with you in more ways…more often.

So, with that I’m off to update the Weather Authority page. See you over there!


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Raining frogs on Perryville Road?

Apparently there’s a rumor going around town that frogs were falling from the sky onto Perryville Road the past few days. I am 99.9% sure this is not true unless one of you provides me with pictures of amphibians on top of cars. If you’ve got it, please share! -ES


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When will it dry out?

With rain falling again this evening, I decided it would be easier to point out the dry days instead of talking about when it will rain next. (Perhaps I’m a little lazy but hey! It’s Monday, give me a break!)

Tuesday: Dry
Wednesday: Dry (but chilly)
Saturday: Dry
Sunday: Dry

That’s about it. Justin Gehrts points out that the majority of the 7 Day Outlook is dry, but we sure don’t need any more rain for a while!


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Thunderstorms advance eastward Friday night

severe9:00pm – Thunderstorms continue to work eastward across eastern Iowa at 9pm. It doesn’t appear likely that the Storm Prediction Center will issue a watch to the east of the one currently in effect. Storms are expected to weaken some as they cross the Mississippi River by midnight. Some gusty winds and small hail will be possible.

A more potent complex of thunderstorms is likely for Saturday afternoon when severe weather is a more distinct possibility for the Rockford metro.


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Newsman looked to alcohol and suicide after Katrina’s landfall

by Susan Finch, The Times-Picayune
Thursday April 23, 2009, 5:51 AM

WDSU-TV anchor Norman Robinson

After Katrina left his spacious home in eastern New Orleans a stinking shambles, TV news anchor Norman Robinson and his wife lived for two years in a 700-square-foot River Ridge apartment where, he testified in federal court Wednesday, he got drunk every night to cope with post-hurricane trauma.

“I ended up going to a psychologist because I wanted to commit suicide, and I ended up in a drunken stupor most of the time, ” Robinson said.

His testimony came during the third day of a trial in which he and four others hope to prove their case that the Army Corps of Engineers’ failure to maintain the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet created a speedway for Katrina storm surge that destroyed their property.

Robinson’s testimony marked the veteran broadcaster’s first public account of a downward spiral that began with Katrina and ended after his DWI arrest in June last year.

Continue reading by clicking here.


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Earth Day 2009

climate_graph2If you are a little skeptical whether our weather is warmer or colder than it has been, take a look at this graph.

It was put together by Stu Ostro, Senior Meteorologist for The Weather Channel by using data collected by the National Climatic Data Center.

The data starts with the new millenium and continues through this month! It shows that by a margin of nearly two to one we have more record highs than record lows in the United States.

There are some interesting parts of this. For most of the country our climate was fairly cool/moderate in 2008. However there were still many more record highs than record lows.


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