12:00am – Although unofficial as of this time, shuttle Discovery will likely not launch tonight. Continuing coverage can be found on our national news partner CNN. We will update you here on the weather conditions for a possible Tuesday night launch throughout the day.

11:53pm –  Meteorologists in Houston continue to assess weather for Discovery’s launch and possible emergency landing. According to NASA, there is now a “red for low clouds (ceilings).” This is a red in addition to lightning in vicinity, rain in vicinity, and lack of emergency landing capability.

11:45pm – Rain is now falling over the shuttle and launch site.

11:40pm – NASA: “No technical issues at this time. Weather continues to be the only thing that would prevent launch.”

11:34pm – It does not appear likely the shuttle will launch this evening however NASA has yet to make a decision as such. Next chance for Discovery to launch will be late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.


11:21pm – Lightning has been observed within four nautical miles of the launch site. NASA: “We would not be able to exit phase two lightning advisory but built-in hold time is built into the launch time.” NASA is not scrubbing launch yet however the weather is not expected to improve much within the next hour. No rain or lightning can be observed within 20 miles of the launch site for a launch to occur.

11:09pm – According to NASA: “Weather continues in the wrong direction and from a launch perspective, as we are now red for cumulus clouds,  lightning, and flight precipitation rules. Also space Meteorologists in Houston have been tracking thunderstorms which hamper return to launch site abort scenarios. They are a no-go with rain within 20 nautical miles of Kennedy Space Center. Transatlantic abort sites are observing rain as well.”

11:07pm – According to live 13Futuretrack doppler radar and the amount of lightning in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral, it is unlikely that shuttle Discovery will be able to lift off tonight. No official word from NASA. Will update the instant it is scrubbed or is deemed a go. -ES

10:55pm – NASA is going to “phase 2 lightning advisory” because of lightning striking within vicinity of the launch site. Launch time is 12:36am CDT.

radar110:42pm – According to NASA, there is now a 60% chance that weather will cause a delay in the launch of Shuttle Discovery. A lightning strike has been noted six miles east of the launch site.


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This post was written by qni_it on August 24, 2009

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  1. Sara-NW Rockford August 25, 2009 12:53 AM

    Nice to know I wasn’t the only one watching carefully!

  2. tony August 25, 2009 10:32 AM

    Yep, I was watching until the scrubbed launch was official. The new time is 12:10 am cdt tomorrow morning.

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