Tropics to have an indirect effect on our weather

equationTo be honest, I spent longer thinking about a title to this graphic than I did making the graphic itself. Before reading further, can you tell what the graphic explains just by looking at the title bar? (The title of the blog post should’ve given you a big enough hint.)

The tropics are active (but not catastrophic) this week. Each system will cause the weather pattern over the whole continent to buckle in the middle. As an area of low pressure follows the buckle in the jet it will have no where to go but to turn up toward Quebec, tugging down some pretty cool air over our region by the weekend.

So, in a nutshell you can think of this week’s weather this way:

Ana + Bill + Claudette + Buckle in the Jet + Low Pressure under the jet = Cool Weekend


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This post was written by qni_it on August 17, 2009

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