October 2009, not remembered in a nice way!

web11Living in the Upper Midwest has gotten a lot of us to forget about the topic of global warming, right? It seems like we’d actually crave a little bit of that these days. Even though Australia and parts of Asia are farther from normal (on the warm side), October was one of the coolest on record…and may end up being the coldest! Only two above-average temperature days were recorded, this past Sunday with a 64° high temperature and last Wednesday when we got above 70° for the only few hours of the month! Unfortunately, temperatures will likely trend downward faster than the average over the next few weeks.web2

Precipitation went hand-in-hand with the cool temperatures as mostly cloudy days kept the sun from us! Look at all this rain! As of today, we’re up to 4.66″ for the month…and some of that came in the form of snow a few weeks back! Much like the prospects for cool temperatures, this pattern will remain unchanged in the coming two weeks. -ES


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This post was written by qni_it on October 27, 2009

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