Impressive rainfall amounts!

rainfallMonroe, Wisconsin was the big winner with this rainfall event! Two day totals near 4 inches!

Rockford saw just under 2 inches while areas all around the metro saw more.

Only drizzle and a brief shower is expected Saturday morning before some more appreciable rains come Sunday night. Have a great weekend! -ES


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Pet Costume Contest Tomorrow

petcontestWeekend Meteorologist Aaron Brackett and myself will be judging the annual Q98.5 Pet Costume Contest Saturday morning.

It takes place just outside of the Petland store on CherryVale mall’s perimeter road. In years’ past we’ve seen dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, horses, and goats! So be sure to bring the whole family and camera because it is sure to be a sight!

Dress warmly as we are expecting partly to mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the high 40s. -ES


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This post was written by qni_it on October 23, 2009

Wildlife & Weather

woolybearWoolly Bear Season
A telltale sign of autumn is the appearance of woolly bear caterpillars moving across backyards, sidewalks and roads. These fat, furry caterpillars are looking for safe places to spend the winter. They spend the cold months dormant under decaying logs and fallen leaves, and in this state can survive temperatures well below freezing. Come spring, they’ll create cocoons and pupate, eventually emerging as Isabella tiger moths (Pyrrharctia isabella).

These cute black and reddish-brown caterpillars are famed for being able to predict the oncoming winter. According to folklore, the wider the caterpillar’s brown band, the less severe winter will be. A smaller brown band means you’re in store for a very harsh winter. But is it true? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, there just might be some validity to the story.

Migration Update
Here are some species to be on the lookout for as fall migration progresses.
Wildlife Watch

Pacific Flyway: lazuli bunting, violet-green swallow, rufous hummingbird, western tanager, western wood pewee, Bullock’s oriole, warbling vireo, yellow-headed blackbird, black-throated gray warbler, western kingbird, shearwater, red-necked phalarope, red-throated loon, Swainson’s hawk

Central Flyway: northern parula, black-and-white warbler, rough-legged hawk, bobolink, scarlet tanager, Artic peregrine falcon, pintail duck, orchard oriole, yellow-breasted chat, olive-sided flycatcher, black-headed grosbeak, indigo bunting, whooping crane

Mississippi Flyway: white-fronted goose, nighthawk, blackpoll warbler, American widgeon, gadwall, mallard, black duck, blue-winged teal, least bittern, great egret, sandhill crane, prothonotary warbler, summer tanager, eastern kingbird, yellow-billed cuckoo

Atlantic Flyway: ruby-throated hummingbird, tundra swan, American redstart, ovenbird, broad-winged hawk, dark-eyed junco, northern waterthrush, northern gannet, great blue heron, Canada goose, horned grebe, cerulean warbler, fox sparrow, lark bunting, ruby-crowned kinglet, winter wren


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Exclusive 10 Day Trend

10daytrend1Okay, this isn’t good for any little girls planning on dressing as princesses! Temperatures are expected to take a MAJOR tumble next week. It doesn’t look like this is a trick…and it’s definitely not a treat!

A major chunk of cold air will be powering down from northern Canada by the mid-late week timeframe. That much is certain (although temperatures will likely need tweaking in coming days). Precipitation chances aren’t set in stone as timing problems WILL exist for the days leading up to Halloween. With highs around 41° on Halloween I can’t help but at least mention a mix of rain and snow. Stay tuned! -ES


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Good Day Rockford!!!

cyndiSince I’m going to be a new face on WREX… I would like to tell you about myself.   My name is Cyndi Kahlbaum and I’ll be your new morning meteorologist!  I get to have the pleasure of working with Laura Gibbs and the rest of the 13 Weather Authority.  I just moved here to Rockford from Texas… now don’t think I’m a Southern Girl, because I’m not.  I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI so that means I love all four seasons…especially snow.  But I’m also passionate about severe weather and severe weather safety.  I’m a graduate from Valparaiso University (Just like our new weekend weather anchor Aaron Brackett), where I received my degree in Meteorology.  If I am not forecasting snow and storms… I love photography, Hockey (Playing and Watching)  and Ballroom dancing.

I’d love it if you watched Monday morning for my first day on the air!


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The Weather Channel will start airing…movies???

The Weather Channel will air The Perfect Storm October 30.

The Weather Channel will air "The Perfect Storm" October 30.

“We’ll continue with tonight’s movie following your Local on the 8’s.” Oh brother!

AP Television Writer

NEW YORK — The Weather Channel plans to show movies for the first time in its 27-year history and it’s easy to guess which one is leading off.

“The Perfect Storm,” of course.
The George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg movie about a horrific storm off the New England coast will air on Oct. 30, the 18th anniversary of the actual storm. Network executives had been thinking about adding movies, and the timing proved too good to pass up, said Geoffrey Darby, the network’s chief programmer.

The network in recent years gradually slipped in longer programming, including a morning show hosted by Al Roker, to complement its constantly rotating forecasts.

“The Perfect Storm” begins a four-week period in which The Weather Channel will try some Friday night movies. The films are either weather-themed or have plots in which weather plays a key role, Darby said. Meteorologist Jennifer Carfagno will host movie night and offer commentary.

Other movies include the documentary “March of the Penguins,” the thriller “Deep Blue Sea” and “Misery,” for which Kathy Bates won an Academy Award.

The weather angle is pretty clear in “The Perfect Storm,” but “Misery”? Darby noted the nightmare endured by James Caan’s character begins with a blinding snowstorm.

For The Weather Channel, the risk lies in alienating its regular weather-obsessed viewers, who tune in for news of high pressure systems rather than high drama. The potential reward is that new fans will tune in, and they’ll stay on the station for a longer period, pleasing advertisers.

Darby said most viewers on Friday night aren’t interested in much more than the weekend forecast, and that will be updated on the screen six times an hour.

“It’s a way to respond to at least a significant portion of our audience that says, `Let’s expand the definition of weather,'” he said.

The idea predates NBC Universal’s purchase of The Weather Channel, Darby said. None of the first four movies are distributed by NBC Universal.


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Biography: First human in space.

With the balloon boy hoax taking center stage this week, I thought we should take a look at some real science.

Meet Joe Kitinger. In 1960 he took a balloon up, outside of the earth’s atmosphere. At 20 miles, he took the first leap in outer space and sped back to earth.

Thanks to Jay Podzimek for sharing!


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We did it!

warmerTemperatures for most of the month topped out in the 40s and 50s. For only the third time this October, we made it above 60°.

What did you do to enjoy the warmth today? Please share.


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Rocket Carries Weather/Military Satellite to Orbit

aaron-feature-13A rocket carrying a U.S. military weather satellite has been launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The Atlas 5 lifted off at 9:12 a.m. Sunday with a Defense Meteorological Satellite Program payload intended for polar orbit more than 510 miles (830 kilometers) high.

The DMSP satellites provide global environmental information to the Defense Department and other government agencies.

Two operational satellites are kept in orbit at all times, according to the Air Force. Each completes an orbit of the Earth every 101 minutes, observing in swaths 1,860 miles (3,000 kilometers) wide.

The new satellite will be operated by the 6th Space Operations Squadron based at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo.


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Extremely Intense Hurricane


In their last statement, the National Hurricane Center used some strong words. “THE SATELLITE PRESENTATION OF HURRICANE RICK CAN BE EXPRESSED IN ONE WORD…SPECTACULAR.” This is the official wording on the forecast discussion for this extremely intense hurricane. As of 9pm, its maximum sustained winds were estimated at 180mph making it the second strongest eastern Pacific hurricane ever! Rick is expected to take a right turn towards the southern portion of the Baja before setting its sights on Mexico. Although some modest weakening is forecast, this situation will have to be closely monitored!


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