Need more weather kids!

weather-kids-300x250Calling out to all family members!!!  I’m starting to run low on pictures in my weather kid folder.  I have about another weeks worth and then I’m out.  So send me some great full faced pictures of your kids, grandkids, brothers/sisters kids.

Here is what I need:

Medium size picture:  Full face.  Nothing blocking the face of the kid.

Age, and what city they live in.

If it is their birthday… I need to know 2 weeks (or more) in advance.

Send the email with information and picture attached either to: or



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Slick roads!

snowradar7:00pm – Road conditions continue to deteriorate in spots this evening. When the wind gusts, the roads may become simply impassable. While conditions are poor, the amount of snow is also pretty poor. We’re looking for no more than a few inches in the coming days. However, some areas circled here could see an inch or two very quickly in the coming hours. Be careful, especially south and west of the Forest City. -ES

4:55pm – We’ve gotten quite a few calls about some nasty road conditions this evening. Just the right amount of snow has fallen on the newly washed streets (due to this past weekend’s rain) to create some black ice.

snowplowShawn Lester called and reports Riverside Blvd near North Towne Mall “like a skating rink. Only one lane of traffic is getting through because of an accident that knocked down a light pole.”

Take it easy everyone!!! -ES


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What you see on radar isnt always what you get

radIf you were watching 13 news at 6 last night, you may have seen Jeannie and myself mention that it was raining here at the station even though the radar didn’t indicate it. Just as you may notice certain radio stations coming in more clearly depending on the weather, Doppler radar is subject to the same physics that alter our reception. When conditions are foggy as they were last night, we have what is known as an inversion (see: Inversion). In short, this is when warmer, less dense air is above colder, more dense air. When the beam from the radar is shot through this differential airmass, the waves travel ever so slightly faster through the warmer air than the cooler air near the ground. When the top of your beam propagates faster than the bottom, it curves down and doesn’t travel as far. The opposite can happen with a switch in warm and cold layers causing the beam to travel too high and not follow the curvature of the earth as well. The current vertical temperature situation is something that we as meteorologists try to keep in mind when we analyze radar and try to match up our screens to what is actually occurring at the ground.


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Eroding snowpack bolsters fog

61Stepping outside this evening, you will surely notice two things, the warm temperatures and the lack of visibility. The combination of our above average temperatures and our remaining snowpack is giving us quite the moist lower layer. As of Saturday evening, many places are reporting visibilities of 1/4 mile. I included a picture of our current snowcover through the midwest. Although we are advecting very warm air over the ground, our above average December snow is holding strong. Expect fog to hang around through the early evening before being cut back a bit by a large batch of rain that will move in overnight.


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Dense Fog!

1As of 3:26, the entire viewing area is under a Dense Fog Advisory. Expect visibilities to be less than 1/4 mile in some spots. Rain will move in from the west early this evening and help to thin out the fog later on.


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Arizona “Tornado” Update


Possible Funnel Cloud over Scottsdale, AZ

The crazy weather continues to wreak havoc on the West Coast.  The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning at 8:32pm (Local Time) for Maricopa County in Arizona. Scottsdale (just Northeast of Phoenix) was the city that was right in the storms path late Thursday night.  The NWS detected a severe thunderstorm that was capable of producing a tornado at 8:30pm while local Doppler radars indicated rotation within that same storm.
Residents who live near a local mall (Desert Ridge Market Place) experienced their windows shaking around 8:45pm.  This same (unconfirmed) tornado knocked down power poles on U.S. 95, blew over big-rigs on SR 78 and downed 3 trees at an apartment complex in Kierland.  Two tents at a local car dealership collapsed and were launched onto the 101 freeway when the storm pushed through.  No one was seriously injured, but several cars were damaged.  Local NBC meteorologist Sarah Walters said as of now the tornado touchdown is unconfirmed and is waiting for the NWS in Phoenix to do a storm damage evaluation. She did confirm a 57 mph straight-line wind in Chandler when the storm passed.


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Arizona tornadoes


11:30pm – Numerous media outlets in the Phoenix area are reporting on high water rescues. Helicopters have been called to rescue as most of that area is experiencing major flash flooding. We’ll update you in the morning as we get more information. -ES

KPHO-TV is reporting a landslide near New River, closing Interstate 17.

According to KPNX-TV:  The Arizona Department of Public Safety is reporting that a tornado has touched down in the Desert Ridge area, near the Loop 101 and Hayden Road. The National Weather Service said it touched down at 8:32 p.m.

10:55pm CST – Tornado threat has gone away for the Phoenix metro. No word on any injuries/deaths. -ES


Peoria Fire Dept: Water Rescue on SR 74 milepost 29. Law Enforcement on scene.

Mesa-Gilbert Fire: Tree fell on car, 2 women trapped. Firefighters cutting the tree.

L-101 Scottsdale – EB traffic off at Scottsdale Rd. Debris remains on roadway; too dangerous to remove in winds. Extended closure. (Arizona Dept of Transportation via Twitter)

(9:58:19 PM) nwsbot: PSR: 6 W Scottsdale [Maricopa Co, AZ] broadcast media reports TORNADO at 08:32 PM MST — several media reports of an unconfirmed tornado at desert ridge mall.


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NASA: No word from Phoenix Mars lander

PASADENA, Calif. — NASA says there’s no word from the Phoenix lander that is presumed to be frozen near the Martian north pole.

The space agency said Thursday the Mars Odyssey spacecraft passed over the Phoenix landing site 30 times during the last three days and did not hear anything.

Scientists have said it is highly unlikely that Phoenix survived the Martian winter.

It landed on Mars in May 2008 and operated for five months. NASA will listen for Phoenix again next month.


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Brief Freezing Rain Advisory

5:00pm – Rain continues to diminish. For that reason the advisory has been canceled. Please still use extra caution this evening! -ES

3:00pm – The Milwaukee office of the National Weather Service has issued a Freezing Rain Advisory for Rock and Walworth Co. as a batch of moderate freezing rain will affect the evening commute. -ES

(1/21/2010 2:43:27 PM) nwsbot: MKX issues Freezing Rain Advisory for Kenosha, Racine, Rock, Walworth [WI] till 7:00 PM CST


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Round 2: Rain and Snow showers

gfs_slp_072mIt seems like we won’t be getting a break anytime soon from the ever changing weather.  We’ve all heard about what’s happening in California and what they have been going through for the past 4 days. Well it looks like we’ll have a chance to see that system by this weekend. Here is what we know so far… This area of low pressure will bring us warm and humid air by this Saturday and Sunday thanks to strong southerly winds. By Saturday we could experience the upper 30s and a few lower 40s as this system draws closer… there is the warmth part. Now for the moisture… the cold front that is accompanying this low will create moderate to heavy rainfall thanks to all the gulf moisture. Now take the moderate to heavy rainfall and a melting snow pack… that means we’ll have to watch out for localized flooding.  After that is all said and done, cold Arctic air will wrap around the low and start changing our rain showers into snow showers by Sunday afternoon. This snow appears to last through the first half of next week.   So you’ll need your umbrellas for Saturday and then snow shovels from Sunday to next Wednesday.


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