Red Planet = more sleep!

mars_hubbleMy trivia question on 13 News Today was “How long is a Martian Year?”  It’s really interesting when you think about it.   If you live on Mars, it’s just a normal year for you, but if you move to Mars it’s a long time before you can ring in the New Year.  An Earth year is 365 days.  A Mars or Martian year is 687 days.  That’s twice as long!  And just think of the calendar length… wow!  Now on our calendar we have the cycles of the Moon… a moon.  Mars has two moons, so how would they work out the months?  Hum???

There is also a difference in how long a day lasts.  An average Earth day is 24 hours (23 hrs, 56 mins).  A Martian day is actually longer (24 hrs and 37 mins)… which means if you move there, you would have more sleeping time.  Excellent!  So what are we waiting for…. let’s move to Mars.  Ohh wait, we can’t.  The atmosphere on Mars is 95% Carbon Dioxide, 2.5% Nitrogen, and 1.5% Argon.  Maybe next year!


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This post was written by qni_it on January 27, 2010

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