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Sun Halo

Sun Halo

Having this thin layer for cirrus to cirrostratus clouds can be a good thing, if you look carefully.   What I mean by carefully is not looking directly at the sun. You what to look around the sun, about a good hand length away to see an awesome effect called halos or even coronas.
High cirrostratus clouds form in the advancing edge of a warm front. The halos are formed by the refraction of sunlight through the ice crystals that are in the clouds.  Sometimes only sections are visible then the entire full halo.

Sun Corona

Sun Corona

On the other hand, you can see a diffraction disc or coronas, it has similar appearance, but it is a disk rather then a thin ring and has a reddish border in the inside layer. The size of the disc depends on the diameter of the cloud droplets.

Both of these can be seen with the sun or moon.  Enjoy!


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