What are the odds of rain on July 4th?

fourthrainfallFor a few days now we’ve had an isolated thunderstorm looming on Sunday’s panel of the 7 Day Outlook. Because you’re on the blog I’ll let you in on a little secret here. More often than not, you’ll find me putting in an isolated storm on outdoor-dependent holidays. Why? It’s easier to have everyone plan ahead for a slight chance. In addition, it is always easier for us to take the chance of rain out than it is to put that chance in at the last minute. I’m sure you’ve heard or muttered the phrase “It wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without a chance of rain.” Surprisingly, more often than not, Independence Days here in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin are dry! In fact, 53% of the time (going back 104 years) we haven’t had a drop. And there have only been a handful of times we’ve had flooding rains (over an inch).

fourthtemperaturesAs far as temperatures, we are most likely to see highs in the 80s. There have only been 16 times when the high has surpassed 90°. Last year’s Independence Day was a rarity when the high temperature barely touched 70°.

Here is a look back at a few years of weather on the Fourth of July:

  • 2009: Temperatures 70°/58° Rainfall: 0.18″
  • 2008: Temperatures 78°/51° Rainfall: none
  • 2007: Temperatures 87°/67° Rainfall: 0.01″
  • 2006: Temperatures 81°/64° Rainfall: none

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This post was written by qni_it on June 30, 2010

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