Heavy Rainfall Update

out19rainfall2rain1Just wanted to give everyone an update on the heavy rainfall that will head this way overnight tonight and lasting into Thursday. This will not be a continuous rainfall, though there may be several rounds of scattered storms that will produce heavy rainfall at times. Our first cold front will work its way south later tonight before stalling out just to our North across the Wisconsin-Illinois border. Since we are stuck on the south side of the front, a very moist air mass will prime our atmosphere to develop thunderstorms that could produce heavy rainfall totals. 1-2 inches is possible over the next 48 hours, but some areas may receive closer to 2.5 inches.  Flash flooding should not be a major concern, only because we’ve had a nice dry spell for the past several days which should allow for most of the rain to be absorbed. Just be aware for water over the roadways due to clogged drains and do not forget your umbrellas.


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This post was written by qni_it on August 31, 2010

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