Chilly Weekend!

out112out214We are watching another pocket of cold air building up into Southern Canada that will start to dip south into our area.  What we can expect from the cold front is North winds that will pull colder air across our region stating Friday night and Saturday.  The cold air remains in our forecast through the weekend and into Monday morning.  I hate to say this but our high temperatures over the weekend are expected to be about 10-20 degrees cooler than average for the beginning of October. 

The timeframe that we will watch closely is Saturday night into Sunday morning.  Temperatures are expected to drop into the lower and mid 30s resulting in areas of frost. With these cold temperatures during the overnight hours on both Saturday and Sunday, you should take the necessary precautions to protect sensitive vegetation.   


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This post was written by qni_it on September 30, 2010

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  1. WI Weather Buff October 1, 2010 6:35 AM

    Cyndi said on the air this morning that she thinks we’ll all need to turn on the furnace this weekend.

    I disagree! A well insulated house can withstand one cool cloudy October weekend without becoming too cool for comfort, with just a little planning.

    Particularly in the current economy when many people need to save money wherever they can, lower heating bills can be a source of big savings.

    Here are some tips:

    1) Unless you have a medical condition that indicates otherwise, most reasonably healthy people can live very comfortably in homes that are heated to 62º – 65º rather than to the 72º that many of us use just due to habit. In fact, in all honesty, since I’ve been heating my home to lower and lower temps in the winter, I’ve had far fewer winter colds, flus, etc. than I used to have when I heated my house to 72º.

    2) Think of a balmy 62º Spring day. Most people would be perfectly comfortable outdoors on such a day, not shivering and uncomfortable. Think that thought when setting your home thermostat.

    3) When you’re moving around doing stuff, 62º – 65º is perfectly comfey. When you’re sitting still you can put a blanket or comforter over your lap (or wrap up in it if you really want to). For sleeping, cooler is better than warmer. For showers, its brisk, but the warm shower tends to warm up the bathroom anyway. Dry off and get dressed fast; brush your teeth and hair etc. after you’re dressed, not standing there half naked!

    4) A well insulated home shouldn’t lose a lot of heat, particularly when temps are above freezing. Use heavy drapes to help keep in the heat at night and when its cloudy, winterize the windows, caulk any cracks, don’t leave doors open any longer than necessary when going in and out, etc.

    5) Make sure to open the drapes all the way (and clean your windows, it really helps!) to let all available sunlight shine in and warm the house as much as possible on sunny or even partly sunny days.

    6) The house tends to be coolest during the fall (not winter) due to more cloudy days and less solar warming. Rather than firing up the furnace to heat the whole house, consider using small electric space heaters to warm just the room you are in, if it seems a little cool in the house.

    7) Wear lots of sweaters and layers of clothing. No reason not to wear flannel shirts and warm sweaters (maybe even 2 sweaters, a light pull over sweater and a button-up cardigan) and maybe even thermal undewear while at home. Home is not a fashion show, and its a lot cheaper to put on a sweater than to heat thousands of cubic feet of air!

    I have cut my heating bills by more than 1/2 compared to what I was spending just 10 years ago in the same house, just by paying attention to these things.

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