New Year’s Eve tornado threat


12:41pm- The storm that prompted a Tornado Warning for areas north of Bloomington has significantly weakened. This tells us that the farthest north extent of the severe weather risk will likely only be I-80 this afternoon. However, as warm air continues to advect into the region, we will still have a potential for non-severe thunderstorms, mainly over our eastern and southern counties. -ES

12:20pm – The storm prompting a Tornado Warning for Central Illinois is about to move out of the current Tornado Watch. A new Tornado Watch will likely be issued for the southern suburbs of Chicago, points southward. Again, this will be close but will remain out of our coverage area. Dense Fog Advisories are plotted in gray on this real-time map. The new Tornado Watch (should it be issued will show up on the bottom right portion of the map. -ES

12:15pm – Tornado threat continues for the St. Louis metro area as there are numerous areas where tornadoes could form. This complex of storms will continue to race northeast and could possibly affect the Springfield and Decatur areas early this afternoon. We’ll update you as we get information concerning damage. radarstlIn the meantime, please visit the following websites for information: -ES

11:50am – Tornado Warnings are in effect for Central Illinois, affecting parts of I-39 between LaSalle and Bloomington.

As we forecast last night on 13News, these storms will affect the I-55 corridor today and stay south of our coverage area. Tornadic storms are currently affecting the St. Louis area and will move toward Springfield, Decatur, and Champaign this afternoon.

We will remain somewhat stable today although a few thunderstorms will be possible. The Storm Prediction Center has a high-end slight risk for Central Illinois, southward. Tornado Watches are lining up from Illinois to the Gulf Coast with a possibility of today being a tornado outbreak. Be alert if you’re in the green-outlined area! -ESactivity_loopradar


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This post was written by qni_it on December 31, 2010

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  1. tony December 31, 2010 1:17 PM

    Eric, are we clear from any storms once this first batch of rain moves through, or is there still a chance of storms until the front comes through. Cyndi said on the noon weather that this is probably about it.

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