Severe weather season slowly migrates north

Severe storms spawned tornadoes in New Orleans and Orlando yesterday and today as a strong cold front moved along the Gulf Coast. This is just another sign that this year’s severe weather season is lagging. These areas typically receive their severe weather in February and early March. The stormtrack continues to track further south (which in turn keeps us in the Upper Midwest cool).

Over the next few weeks, we’ll see some subtle changes to the jetstream pattern. This will bring the area of severe weather a little further north, affecting Northeast Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Southern Illinois will be a more frequent place to receive thunderstorms as the worst of the weather shifts further north each week.

By the middle of April, familiar stormy locations will be under the gun like Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Wichita. Storm season will begin to get back on track after being so slow this year (partly due to La Niña coming to an end). Storms break out in April and early May out in the Plains. Our stormiest time of year comes in late May to mid June. -ES


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This post was written by qni_it on March 30, 2011

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