More storms coming tonight!

5:55pm – A weather watch is possible for parts of our area this evening, according to the Storm Prediction Center. Read the technical discussion here.

5:30pm – Unfortunately, we have more rain on the way. However there are some noticeable differences between the set up tonight and the set up last night. The image to the left shows the CAPE, the convective available potential energy, or the fuel for thunderstorms. The blue, shaded region is the convective inhibition or CIN. With significant CIN, the CAPE cannot be utilized to produce thunderstorms. Still, we lie on the CAPE Gradient, an area favorable for thunderstorm development.

Interestingly, I posted the CAPE Gradient last night at this time. (Image below.) The gradient isn’t nearly as extensive tonight as it was. In addition, we had temperatures around 90° Wednesday versus today’s 85°. Dewpoints are a little less…and even wind shear is lower too. Still, heavy rain will be a concern, especially between 9pm and 2am. -ES

CAPE Gradient Wednesday Night


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  1. Fake Burberry Scarf November 13, 2011 7:53 PM

    いくつかの情報が欲しいし、Google の彼を探していた。最初のページに来たし、の関連性の高い結果を取得していない各ページを訪問した、2 番目を確認し、私のブログを得たと思います。これは何を望むかです !

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