So Long July…and Hello August

With the month of July coming to an end, let us take a look back at the month that was… well rather hot.  We had 15 days that were above 90° and to make matters worse, the “coolest” day we had was on July 13 when our afternoon high reached 81°.  We had back-to-back days of 100°, but we all know it felt much hotter than that.  Rain came along and unfortunately, it came all at once, at the end of the month and in the matter of a couple of days.  Rockford ended up with 4.60 inches of rain for the month of July.  As we peek into the month of August, it appears that temperatures and rainfall amounts will be average.  August average high temperature is 80.9° and the average amount of rainfall is 4.21 inches.  I can tell you now that the first day of August will remind you of the hot and humid days of July.


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This post was written by qni_it on July 31, 2011

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