Eight day animation of Hurricane Irene

In this amazing NASA imagery, we are able to see Hurricane Irene from the day it struck Puerto Rico until it made three landfalls in North Carolina, New Jersey, and New York. Look closely and you can even see a few “eyewall replacement cycles.” This is where a hurricane’s power is transferred into intense convection (thunderstorms) around and over the eye. Eyewall Replacement Cycles typically weaken hurricanes because the eyewall (area around the eye) is spread out over a larger area.

This is one of the things that happened with Irene. There were several of these cycles when it was just east of Florida. This helped both the tropical storm and hurricane-force wind increase by hundreds of miles east and west of the center of the storm.

Click on the image to open the loop. NOTE: It is a very large file and will take several minutes to load depending on your internet-connection speed. -ES


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