UARS satellite to crash to earth soon

12:05am – There are reports of “firework-like” flashes in the sky in Northern Quebec which may be a sign it came down in Canada earlier. Will update with official word later today. If you come across any cool links or video, please pass them along to me I will be working Saturday evening and will post more information right here as I get it! -ES

11:57pm – Satellite spotted in Northern Minnesota.

11:35pm – It is quite possible that the satellite has disintegrated by now. Waiting for official confirmation from NASA.

11:28pm – The viewing opportunity here in the Midwest has ended as it travels over Newfoundland, headed southeast toward Africa. There will be some big splashes in the dark Atlantic in the next few minutes…

11:03pm – UARS satellite was visible over New Zealand. A bright glow with contrail going across sky.

11:02pm – Will approach southern Hawaiian islands in next 10 minutes.

10:54pm – The satellite is over New Zealand and will cross the Pacific Ocean within the next 15 minutes, going over Canada, and then over the Atlantic Ocean toward Africa (if it makes it that far). The demise is expected within the next hour! -ES

According to sources at NASA, the UARS satellite has begun its fiery re-entry to Earth.

This is a live stream of its current location:


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This post was written by qni_it on September 23, 2011

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