Next weather system…brings a bit of everything

Our next low-pressure system is starting to develop near the Rockies and will make its way to the Midwest by Tuesday evening.  As this system slides through the Central Plains, it will pick up moisture and warmth from the Gulf of Mexico.  Our day on Tuesday will start dry with thickening cloud cover.  Our chances for precipitation will increase as we head into the afternoon and evening hours due to an approaching warm front.  Precipitation will likely be in the form of rain; however, if any light precipitation occurs during the early afternoon hours, especially near the Illinois/Wisconsin border, some of the precipitation could be a light mix of rain and snow.  The track of the low-pressure system will slide through northern Iowa, southern Minnesota and into northern Wisconsin.  If this track shifts south, our precipitation type will go from all rain to a wintry mix.  The upper level dynamic of this system also give us a possibility of thunder Tuesday night.  As the low-pressure system slides to our northeast, colder air will wrap around the low, allowing our precipitation to turn into a rain/snow mix late Wednesday evening to all snow during the overnight hours.  Accumulation from this will be light but could leave a few roads slick for your Thursday morning commute.  We will monitor conditions closely when this time frame arrives.


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This post was written by qni_it on February 27, 2012

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