Friday Morning: Umbrellas Needed

You might want to plan for a few extra minutes for tomorrow morning’s commute thanks to our next storm system coming in.  The latest models show a slight shift in track, placing the low a little further north.  This will place the heaviest rainfall chances over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  This also means the further south you go, the less chance of rain you’ll have.  The storms with the heaviest rainfall will also cause poor visibility and watery roadways, especially if the storm drains are blocked up.  Areas in southern Wisconsin have the best chance to see rainfall totals closing in on over an inch of rain by Friday afternoon. 

Here is a timeline on what to expect as this system progresses east.  Later this afternoon and into the evening hours, our cloud cover will start to thicken up.  Light rain showers will start to form out west in Iowa and move east along with the main low-pressure system.  Rain showers with a few rumbles of thunderstorm will become more widespread overnight.  The heaviest rainfall, as of now, is planned between 5am-10am.


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This post was written by qni_it on March 29, 2012

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