Morning Showers and Thunderstorms

Showers and thunderstorms passed through the viewing area early this morning waking up many of you.  Along the leading edge of the storm, frequent bolts of cloud-to-ground lightning produced very loud rolls of thunder.  Many of us also experienced heavy downpours and small hail was reported in La Salle and Kane County. Rainfall totals varied throughout the area, with the highest around Galena,Madison, and eastern parts of Iowa.  Local amounts will likely differ from what was reported at the local observation sites, so if you have any totals send them to  Now that everything has calmed down and most of the rain has ended, we are left with overcast skies and hazy conditions.  Visibility is around 3-5 miles and will improve throughout the day.  Temperatures will slowly climb into the mid and upper 50s this afternoon thanks to a few breaks of sunshine.


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This post was written by qni_it on March 30, 2012

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