Rain check & Threatrack

It has been a pretty dry spring so far. The map to the left shows every one of our 13 counties in a deficit for the past 30 days. There is a small section of Ogle and Stephenson County with above-normal precipitation, right around German Valley.

There are prospects for thunderstorms on Wednesday. In fact, a few storms could get pretty energetic in the afternoon. A warm front will be draped over the area with most of us in Northern Illinois in the cool sector with temperatures in the 60s.

Southeastern Iowa and Central Illinois may get temperatures up near 80 with some sunshine. This will spark some thunderstorms during the late afternoon hours in Eastern Iowa. Storms will move southeast into Central and Eastern Illinois by the evening hours. Threatrack is at level-2 for mainly our southwestern sections, especially Carroll, Whiteside, and Lee Co. Large hail will be the primary concern with some near-severe wind gusts possible.


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This post was written by qni_it on April 24, 2012

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