An Average April?!

As April 2012 is quickly coming to an end, the climate data shows that we are pretty much where we need to be, in regards to temperature.  Believe it or not, April 2012 is actually a bit above average!  We are averaging a high of 61.7°F and a low of 38.9°F.  A normal April will bring temperatures of 60.7°F and 38.1°F.

We all remember March 2012 as a very warm month.  In fact, it was the warmest March in Rockford’s recorded history!  Our high temperature averaged 62.5°F and our low temperature averaged 42.3°F.  Based on the upcoming forecast and observed trends, April 2012 will actually be cooler than March 2012!

Looking ahead to May, our average high temperature is 71.8°F and average low is 48.4°F.  Day by day, the average high temperature climbs 10 degrees between May 1 (67°F) and May 31 (77°F). -JA


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This post was written by qni_it on April 26, 2012

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