Why clear skies at night are coldest

Low temperatures early Thursday will dip into the middle 30s here in Rockford.  Light frost is a minor concern but a breezy northeast wind and a few high level cirrus clouds will help keep most areas frost-free this evening. Much like a blanket on the atmosphere, clouds trap heat in the lower levels. In addition, any wind stirs up the atmosphere. This doesn’t allow the air and water molecules to stop and freeze on the ground.

Both factors go away early Friday as high pressure works into the region. This will keep the skies clear and the wind calm which means a frost and freeze are much more likely.

If you’ve been working with that green thumb of yours, you’ll likely be covering up a few more times through April. We’re already forecasting a 30 degree low temperature next Tuesday night. And keep in mind, we can expect freezing temperatures well into May!


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This post was written by qni_it on April 4, 2012

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