Exactrack|HD is here!

Beginning today, we will have the ability to track storms in true 1080i high definition making WREX-TV the first station in the Rockford TV market with this technology.

We will be utilizing new software from WeatherCentral of Madison, Wisconsin, the weather provider WREX-TV has had for over a decade. Exactrack|HD will allow us to see more detail within storms, picking up the smallest and finest detail, and providing us the ability to track storms more accurately. By continuing our partnership with WeatherCentral we will be using an interface familiar with our weather staff, but one that adds important new features like 3D slicing that will allow us to find areas of hail and high wind within a storm.

Last year’s record severe weather events made us realize the need to secure the best technology available. Earlier this year, we were one of the first stations in the country to show weather interactively in a 3D HD environment. Now we’ll be able to see storms in crystal clear high definition with precision accuracy. As always, we encourage your opinions and comments so we can drive this weather department in the direction you want. Feel free to give us feedback here, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or via e-mail at weather@wrex.com.  

Stay ahead of the worst storms with the best technology available! Exactrack|HD, a first in Rockford television and you’ll only see it here on 13News.


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This post was written by qni_it on June 11, 2012

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