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The day has come, that day where we could reach 100 degrees in June for the first time in nearly a quarter century (24 years to be exact). A lot of hype has gone into today and it is with just cause. The one hundred degree mark isn’t as common as you might think. We have hit that number 105 times in 106 years, roughly once per year. Once per year seems like quite a bit but you have to factor in the years where we saw multiple 100 degree days, like 1936 for example. That year we saw the most 100 degree days in one year in Rockford’s history, 15. Of those 15, 9 were all in succession. Our hottest temp ever recorded was also in 1936 at 112 degrees!

The majority of our 100 degree days have come in July, which makes today even more rare. Today’s record high is 103. It looks like that record will hang on to live at least another year as today’s forecasted high is 100. As rare as today will be, we can’t feel all that special. There have been 100s well earlier in the year, like 1934, when we hit 100 degrees on May 31. That was and still is the earliest we ever hit the century mark. So while you battle the heat, remember this isn’t all that common yet it will be gone before you know it.



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This post was written by qni_it on June 28, 2012

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