July Preliminary Round-Up

This week brings the end of one scorching hot July and hopefully the beginning of a much more bearable August. We have hyped on the heat all month, and with just cause. As of right now this¬†July looks to go down as the hottest ever on record here in Rockford. Previously, our hottest July average temperature was 80.3 degrees set back in 1946. This July’s average temperature through the 29th is 80.9 degrees. If this hold another 48 hours (which it looks to do) then we will officially go in the record books with the hottest July on record. An average of 80.9 degrees doesn’t look that hot upon first glance,¬† but when you realize that it is a combination of both high and low temperatures, and that it is a value 7 degrees above average, it starts to sound more impressive. This month we saw 20 days at or above 90 degrees and 5 of those topped out over 100! -GB


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This post was written by qni_it on July 30, 2012

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