Slim storm chances this evening.

6:54pm – Here’s a look at the current visible satellite view. The one cell that is trying to pop up in Northeastern Iowa is having a really tough time breaking through a cap of warm air around 25,000 feet. If the storm can’t break the cap, it won’t be very long-lived and others will likely not form. It is neat to see the shadow the cloud top is putting down on the ground to the right.

The front shows little in the way of developing cumulus so this chance of rain may just come and go. -ES

5:00pm – A cool front will progress through the region around 10pm tonight bringing at least a chance of thunderstorms to the region. A few could be severe with some 60mph wind potential, but this threat is mainly confined to Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. For this reason, a Threatrack-2 is needed for the next few hours. We’ll have to see what develops out in Northeastern Iowa to determine the Rockford Metro’s risk, but the chance warrants a Level-2, 0r low risk, of severe thunderstorms after sunset tonight. -ES


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