Creepy Crawly Increase

We have heard about many of the effects from this summer’s record heat, but there is one you may have noticed but not thought much about. The Midwest’s spider populations have been on the rise all summer long due to the intense heat. Spiders are cold-blooded so contrary to what you might think they reproduce more quickly and grow more quickly meaning that more generations of spiders can exist at once time, which has been the case this summer. Of course, just like us, spiders don’t enjoy the heat either so they do whatever they can to find their way into home and garages to cool down a bit. So if you have been thinking to yourself “there are a lot of spiders this summer!” but didn’t know if it was all in your head, well it isn’t! As long as temperatures stay up you can continue to expect to see more spiders than normally throughout the rest of the summer. -Greg


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This post was written by qni_it on August 27, 2012

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