The Tables Have Turned

The summer of 2012 has been separated into two distinct parts for those of us in the Midwest. We had the heat riddled, rainless first half of the summer. That was follwed by the below average period with numerous rain events which we are currently in. We broke multiple high temperature records in July and ended up having our hottest July on record. Thankfully things have cooled down for now and we are in a period of much deserved relief. In Europe, however, the story is much different. As we currently sit with below average highs, they are going through quite the intense heat wave that is very reminiscent of our early July. France has seen high temperature records spanning back to 1922 broken, and multiple days of +100°F heat have taken much of the continent by storm. Everyone from Spain to Ukraine has felt the heat in the past several week, with the worst of it having come between Aug. 4-10th. This is slowly becoming the worst heat wave for France since 2003 which has medical experts over seas worried. Back in the heat wave of 2003, over 11,000 people died from heat related causes. This has prompted European hospitals to be on high alert in the coming days to attempt to avoid as many heat related casualties as possible. With some of Europe expected several more days of 100° heat still yet to come, now is our time to be thankful that our heatwave has ended. So get out there and enjoy those beautiful 70s and middle 80s this week! -Greg


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This post was written by qni_it on August 20, 2012

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