New tropical storm near New Orleans?

The remnants of Isaac made it through six states before diminishing in Kentucky earlier this week. However, an offshoot of those remnants drifted south through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama in the past two days. Now, the National Hurricane Center believes it may develop into a new tropical storm! Because Isaac’s remnants split in two over southern Ohio and northern Kentucky, it won’t keep the name Isaac. Instead, it will take on the next name on the Atlantic Hurricane list: Nadine. (The J, K, L, and M storms formed since Isaac.)

Currently, there is a 50% chance Nadine forms in the Gulf of Mexico. The Hurricane Hunters will be out investigating the system on Thursday, looking for a defined area of low pressure and winds in excess of 38 mph. The consensus in our “spaghetti plot” of models points to a landfall in Florida if it forms. However, there is one storm that takes the circulation back west with a landfall in the middle coast of Louisiana.

And if you’re wondering, Ivan, back in 2004, came ashore as a hurricane, dissipated, but reformed with the same name once it re-entered the Atlantic! It then went on to make a second U.S. landfall in Florida and a third along the Texas/Louisiana border.


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