Sunny, but with a Little Haze….

If you were outside this morning, you probably witnessed some filtered sunshine.  That was due to a batch of high-level cirrus clouds associated with an upper atmospheric disturbance.  Those clouds were quick to move out of the area by lunchtime, and we saw plenty of sun after that.  However, you probably noticed a bit of haze lingering in the atmosphere.


That haze, actually diluted smoke, was caused by forest fires nearly 1,000 miles west of here in Montana and Wyoming!  Carried east by the jet stream, the unexpected smoke/haze actually kept the sun from warming us up to our full potential Sunday afternoon.  It helped contain some of the sun’s radiational heat from reaching the surface of the Earth!


The smoke/haze layer was so fine, that most satellite radars were unable to pick it up.  A satellite with greater resolution (MODIS) used by the United States Forest Service was able to show the large area of smoke/haze, as it moved over South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin!  -Joe


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This post was written by qni_it on September 16, 2012

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