Bracing for Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has begun to pick up speed as it races to make landfall on the upper east coast later today into tonight. This super storm could threaten up to 50 million people from the New England states to as far west as Ohio. It is projected that up to 10 million people could lose power within the next 24 hours which has left power companies reaching out to other states to assemble help from across the country. As of this morning, nearly 9000 flights have been cancelled affecting global travel. This system could affect people as far west as Ohio because of its sheer size. Tropical Storm force winds will be felt as far as 500 miles away from the center of the storm as it makes landfall. Up to at least 7 inches of rain could fall over New York and New Jersey within the next 24 hours and some spots in the Appalacian Mountains could see up to 3 feet of snowfall. The timing of this storm could also enhance the flooding it brings. Its landfall tonight, during the high tide of a full moon could lead to much higher waves than if the storm would have impacted the coast earlier in the day. In anticipation of the threats Hurricane Sandy could cause, President Obama declared 6 states (Massachusettes, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) emergency areas so that those states could already begin receiving federal relief assistance. The 13 Hurricane Authority will keep you posted on all the updates to come regarding Hurricane Sandy. -Greg


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This post was written by qni_it on October 29, 2012

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