Healthy system coming Saturday

If this weekend’s weather system brought all snow (instead of the mainly rain scenario we are forecasting), we may have up to 6 inches on the ground by Sunday morning!

But alas! This is December 2012…and winter will take the backseat to autumn. Here is a snapshot of the ECMWF computer model valid midday Saturday. The center of low pressure remains over Eastern Iowa (inside the black isobar marked 1004). Precipitation is shaded in green with rain likely to the south of the blue dotted line and snow to the north. The track of this system from Eastern Iowa, northward into Wisconsin will keep us on the warm side for nearly the duration. Some snow showers are possible as this thing whizzes by on Sunday. No accumulation is expected.

If we get through this system without snow, this will mark the longest streak of weather without snow since records began!


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This post was written by qni_it on December 11, 2012

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