Accumulated Ice & Snow Coming

A round of wintry weather is coming to the Rockford Metro late Wednesday night into Thursday. Temperatures will be critical for potential ice accumulation. Because we’ll be around 32°, most treated roadways will be fine here. In Southern Wisconsin, it will be much slicker. Here is Futuretrack’s ice potential through the duration of the event. A tenth of an inch of ice brings problems to sidewalks and driveways, but not to salted roads. Still, watch out if you’re driving.

Most of the precipitation between 7am and noon will fall as rain, with as much as a quarter inch of liquid falling. Temperatures will hover right around 33 degrees. After noon, cold air will work into the system changing the rain to snow. Snowfall accumulations could be quick and heavy, with perhaps 2 inch/hour snows! This could accumulate rapidly, but the storm will be exiting stage right by the afternoon so the more significant accumulations will occur in Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. -Eric


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This post was written by qni_it on February 6, 2013

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