Moore, Oklahoma: First city to experience two EF-5 tornadoes

Capture2Before Moore, Oklahoma made news yesterday for the EF-5 tornado, you may have remembered hearing about the city. About the same size as DeKalb, Illinois, Moore was hit by a deadly tornado May 3, 1999. 36 people died with 8,000 homes damaged or destroyed. That tornado caused $1.1Billion in damage, which made it the most costly tornado in U.S. history (until the Joplin, Missouri tornado of 2011).

Yesterday’s tornado actually crossed paths with the deadly 1999 tornado as you can see in this map. No other city has experienced two EF-5 tornadoes, the strongest possible. (Click here to learn more about the Enhanced Fujita Scale.)

In comparison, the tornado in 1999 killed more people…perhaps lower due to the increased lead-time CaptureNational Weather Service Meteorologists were able to give with warnings and forecasts, and the increase in the number of homes built with safe-shelters. But this is likely to become a billion-dollar disaster once again. Some insurance forecasters are hinting that the damage may exceed the damage caused by the Joplin tornado.


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