June is Here!

Meteorological summer has arrived!  Meteorologists classify June 1st through August 31st as Summer. This makes record-keeping and climatological data a bit easier to study, when compared to the dates of astronomical summer.  Obviously, this is the warmest time of the year in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  Climatologically speaking, it’s the wettest time of year too.


June’s average high temperature steadily rises from 77 degrees on the 1st to 84 degrees on the 30th.  In Rockford, the month of June typically picks up around 4.65 inches of rain. June is our wettest calendar month. As far as extremes go, the hottest June temperature in Rockford occurred June 1, 1934 with a high of 106 degrees! The coldest June temperature observed in the Forest City was on June 4 and June 5, 1945. Temperatures plummeted to 35 degrees with some light frost.



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