Why so cool?

1For those of you wanting warm, summery weather this isn’t your best news! This past weekend was the coldest July weekend in Rockford history! Temperatures were nearly 20 degrees below normal on Saturday. And while we were working in the right direction Sunday and Monday, today’s high temperature of 70° was 13° below normal.

The forecast for the next 7 days will average 5-10 degrees below the average high of 83°.

2Here’s the weather map for the remainder of the week. While we experience unseasonably cool weather, it will remain quite hot in the Desert Southwest up to the Pacific Northwest. Bouts of heavy rain are expected from the Coastal Bend of Texas through New Orleans and up the East Coast.

But why is it this way? We can give you a forecast for temperatures and the current weather map without explaining why it’s occurring! Here’s a unique map to visualize how the airmasses move around the globe. A lot of times we talk about the jet stream as the “steering wheel of the storm systems.” Indeed, that’s what happens as this river of air at high altitudes moves the airmasses along. 3But if you were to look straight down on the North Pole, you’d see a flower of sorts. Usually, the jetstream has about 5-7 ridges and troughs going around the northern hemisphere. For us, we’ve been stuck in a longwave trough for the past four days. More often than not, the troughs and ridges displace one another every few days, allowing our weather to balance itself out. However, this longwave trough is going to stay put a little longer.

We will see many 90° temperatures this summer (and even this fall). Don’t give up hope for more warm, summer weather. It will come back in about 10 days or so. -Eric


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